Hi beautiful ladies and girls. My name is Christina Fredrick and I belong to show biz industry and rated as top models. I want to state my story and experience with MyProtein which keeps me a star in the industry and still at the age of 40, I am a top model. All this with the help of MyProtein which also offer 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I am the only daughter of my parents, which is the reason behind all their care and sensitivity for me. I don’t remember if they ever refuse to my any wish and I got whatever I want to. From the early age of childhood, I have a dream of be a star in the showbiz industry.

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On the school functions, I participated in all the dramas and the management has always gave me the front role, as I looked very beautiful and good looking. All the boys in the school called me as Ms. Beautiful and I enjoyed their comments. In the college functions, I was the mandatory part of all the happenings and won so many awards on my acting and appearances.

After completion of my studies, I have decided to get into the profession of model and applied to difference media houses. There were few offers for me instantly, but I wanted to join the best and big brand. After waiting for another three months, I got a call from one of the Top Modelling Company and after meeting me and watching my certificates, they have entered into a contract with me for three years.  The amount of the contract is not that high, but I wanted to start my career with a top brand, so I agreed to their terms and conditions.

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I started my modelling career at the age of 21 and soon because the top model of the State by reaching at the age of 24 and start getting offers for marriage from the industry. I have not been into any liking or affair with anyone and wanted my parents to take decision on this important phase of my life. At the age of 25, I got married to a Director of Media Channel, with the consent of my parents, and with the approval of my husband that I will continue my passion of modelling.

Till the age of 30, I became mother of two kids and still rated as top model.  I manage my passion and house very smartly and none of the family members have any complaint with me. However, after crossing the age of 30, I felt that I should have taking some supplements to slow down the aging process and promote longevity. The age grows but I wanted to look young for my profession.

It was a concern period for me and on the advice of my husband, I start taking “MyProtein” Vitamins and Proteins which is offering Discount Code of 50% Off at MyProtein.

The regular use of the proteins and vitamins keeps me fit not from inside but I can fell young while performing on the stage.  I still using the MyProtein Supplements and enjoy my life at the age of 40 as if I am a young girl of 25.

Thank you MyProtein for keeping me young and energetic.

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